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You can purchase tickets at the hotel for island tours, Ishigaki bus tours, stargazing tours, some marine activities and car rentals. Please ask at the frontdesk for more infoemation.

  • Hateruma(nishihama)
  • Hatoma(yarahama)
  • Kohama(kubosakikaigan)
Island package tours (EX.)
Cycling and water buffalo cart (Taketomi)
4 islands course (Iriomote, Kohama and 2 other islands)
3 islands course (Iriomote, Yufu and Taketomi)
3 island course (Hateruma, Iriomote and Yufu by water buffelo)
A cruise down Nakama river, Yufu by water buffalo and some free time at Hoshuduna beach
Urauchi river mangrove cruise, mariyudo water fall and enjoy an introduction to canoueing
You can enjoy Yaeyams islands. Boat and tour package tickets may be perchased at the frontdesk. Please ask at the frontdesk for more information.
Ishigaki is a small island the distance around the island is about 140 km. If you want to take the scene drive, you can stop at the many look out points. You may meet up with animals along the way please be careful and drive slowly. Enjoy your stay in Ishigaki.
You can enjoy diving, snokeling, sup, kayacking and other marine activities relaxingly. Please take it slow and easy in Ishigaki.

Please contact hotel management for information.